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Urdu Word وبال جان Means in English Pursuant

Urdu Dictionary is what you are searching for to find English meaning or Urdu words.Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and it is also popular in different countries of the world. While learning urdu English speaking people need urdu dictionary to translate urdu words into english. This dictionary has the largest database of urdu words and daily new words are added by following users demands and needs. You can also aks for the english meaning of any difficult urdu word by contacting us via contact us page. Your comments will be awaited to improve the quality of this site.

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Word in Urdu   وبال جان
Meaning in English   Pursuant
Word in Urdu   وبال جان
Meaning in English   Pursuant
Word in Urdu   وبائی
Meaning in English   Pestilential

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